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So, some filmmakers in this effort to widen their audience that definitely now traverses tribes in the country and beyond choose to subtitle their films in English, as a universal language. But the construction of the English used is, in many instances, crassly poor; the grammar is murdered, and the spellings so error-ridden. This eventually kills the good intention that motivated the deployment of the subtitle and makes it an extremely jocular, nay, mind-numbing something.


"I think umm, really though, the future… the commercial model needs to be the same but the physical model of distributing DVDs is not really the future and we need cell phone networks to basically to play ball and price data correctly and enable billing at better rates in order to really unleash that kind of entrepreneurial spirit that is clearly evident in African films."

Craig Kelly on why Tanzanian swahili movies are much better than Nollywood.


Google na kokarin kawo wa kowa Intanet a Africa… Allah ba da sa’a!



Ku saurari wannan shirin na @BBCHausa da ke gabatar da gasar fina-finan Africa da yadda ta shafi Hausa films.



A Gateway into Kano

This documentary follows the story of a Kano monument as it undergoes over 200 years of renovations. As the monument changes, so too does the city. This story brings to light the reality of modernization in this African city. Some challenges have been overcome; some have led to failure. The real-life stories shared by these citizens push us to ask the hard questions regarding change, culture, and community.

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Wow, what a great find. Beautiful subtitles and translations!



Foreign Films can make money at the box office!


In the last ten years more International films, even with subtitles are doing well at the box office.   American movie goers are expanding their idea of a good film. Need I say we are getting more sophisticated?

mich1jpg1359692613342-data crouching tiger1.” Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon,”  2000, Taiwan, directed by Ang Lee

The film is known to be the best box office success of an International film in US history.

The story is of a female worrior, that surprises men with her incredible strategy and strength.

“Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon” has exquisite footage and amazing martial arts tricks that create a fantastical quality to the film. Warriors fly through the air and flip gracefully over one another. A very entertaining film visually.  ”Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”  is  an ancient story of love, betrayal and loyalty.  The film is a magical experience.

 2. “Nouvo Cinema Paradiso/Cinema Paradiso,” 1988 Italy, director by Giuseppe Tornatore

“Cinema Paradiso “is one of my favorite films.  It is enchanting to watch.  The story is so engrossing and transport you into a different word.  It is the world of a small boy who finds the joy of film and it’s power to ability for your imagination to travel without leaving the cinema.  ”Cinema Paradiso  is about dreams, visual escape and love.  If you wish to get lost in a character’s journey this is the film to watch.

3.”The Untouchable, “ 2012, France, directed by Olivier NakacheEric Toledano

A touching film that unveils the relationship between a millionaire and an unlikely caregiver. The story is both funny and sad.  It is rewarding to watch the characters discovery their common bond of being disadvantage. It documents the unlikely relationship between a very cold Caucasians rich man and an African man, who enters the wealthy man’s life who is physically disabled.  This film was another great hit at the box office.  It was based on a true story that was skillfully recreated. It is very poignant.

4. “Dus Boot,” 1981 Germany, director by Wolfgang Petersen

“Dus Boot” is the direct opposite of “Untouchables”.   It is not heart warming in any shape or form. It illustrates the terror of war.  Some parts of the film are disturbing film to watch and unsettling. This film takes place on a German submarine during WWII.  The struggles  the men face on the submarine are not only tragic, but brutal.  The soldiers face fear, lack of oxygen, witnessing death of enemies and their own.  It is clear their whole beings changes and their minds will never be the same.  It is well written, shot and edited, so worth watching, especially if you are intrigued by war.

5. “Wings of Desire,” 1987 German, directed by Wim Wenders

This film is full of philosophical questions and the reality of a war torn Berlin.  The black and white footage represents the world of angels.  The film is full of color when an angel Wings of Desireexperiences a human feeling.  Peter Faulk plays an interesting role that fits him like a glove.  He guides the angels to understand the human condition.  The film’s narrative is the angels hearing the thoughts of individuals who are scared and haunted by their lives.  The angels attempt to comfort these humans.  One angel falls in love with a human and decides to leave his world and experience human emotions.

I throughly enjoyed this thought provoking and meaningful film.  I highly recommend it,  plus Peter Faulk’s humor is an added plus.  A must see. It also won a great deal of awards, including best director at The Cannes Film Festival.

6. “Franny and Alexandra” 1982 Swedish,  directed by Ingmar Bergman

This Ingmar Bergman film is an incredible tale of two children who lives drastically change when their father dies of a stroke.  Their mother and father were involved in theater and incredible warm parents.  Their mother remarries to a cold strict clergyman, whom she thought would warm up after they married. Unfortunately the children’s creativity is squashed by his inability to develop warmth.  The  children are banished to their rooms and their now pregnant mother tries to flee.

The film winds the viewer through many twist and turns as their mother plans how to escape her clergy husband.  Bergman is a genius in creating characters with great depth, who are constantly challenged to define their true reality.

It takes place in Sweden at turn-of-the-century.  It is film is shot through the eyes of Franny and Alexander.  Off course it is gorgeously filmed and won numerous awards.  I was in High School when I saw it and was very WOWED!

7. ”Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain”/ American “Amelie”  2001,directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet,

Amelie was nominated for 5 Academy Awards was another international film that did very well in the United States. It premiere at the Cannes FIlm Festival. This very sweet story demonstrated how one person can make a difference. She lost her mom at 8 years old and her father was not available.

After Princess Diana dies she decides that life is fleeting and it is important to dedicate herself to improving the the lives of others. Slowly she falls in love while enriching others lives in need. “Amelie” is a cute and entertaining movie.

8. “My life as a dog” Sweden 1985,  director: Lasse Hallström

Similar to “Amelie” this film is a story of hope.  This film is very moving and funny as well. The story of two brothers who are separated when their mother becomes very sick. Even in times of great sadness the oldest boy dins humor. He is relocated to his Uncle’s house in a small village where he finds comfort and a sense of belonging. He has the usual experiences of a twelve year old boy.  The Swedish director Lasse Hallström was nominated for an Oscar. The movie also did well at the box office.


9. “A Separation” 2012 Irandirected by Asghar Farhad

Iran wins it’s first Oscar for “A Separation” in 2012, Iran is a Muslim country where women are second class citizens. This film takes a close look at a divorce in a society that does not regard women equal to men.  This film was made under scrutiny and censorship.

A very brave film that exposes the challenges of women who want to be independent  and improve their lives and their children’s.

A film that did well in the US as well as all over the world. A huge accomplish for those Iranians who wish for a different  society in their country.

10. “Knife in Water” 1962 Polish , directed byRoman Polanski

” Knife in Water” is Roman Polanski first film and Oscar Nomination. Some critics feel this film is Polanski’s best work. The story is a thriller that is not only creeps into your skin with violences, but the emotional manipulation too. An older couple decides to take a hitchhiker along for a weekend trip on their yacht. It a chilling film that touches on how men are not that far from wild instincts to fight for a mate. May the best man win.

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Some day Kanny/Nollywood, some day in sha Allah!


Hausa Television Channel Survey


Salamu Alaikum,

Da fatan ana nan lafiya, HausaFilms.TV suna son sanin ra’ayoyinku game da hada channel din Hausawa na musammam. Me kuke sha’awar gani in da akwai TV channel din nan? To da Allah ba mu ra’ayoyinku a nan: sannan ku gaya wa abokai da ‘yan uwa ma. Mun gode! Allah kara mana basira da dama, amin ya rabbi!

English: We hope everyone is doing well, HausaFilms.TV want your feedback on building a true Hausa TV channel. What would you like to see on such a channel? We encourage you to tell us by filling out this form: and then share it with your friends and family as well. Thank you! May God allow us to improve and prosper!


Due to spam abuse, I unfortunately have to lock down the wiki indefinitely… to be honest I’ve been concerned with vandalism with the way things were setup from the get go. Anyone was able to easily register and start adding / edit content. The results haven’t been great as there were a lot of registration but very meager legitimate contributions. If you do have legitimate Hausa films, actors, news, suggestions and feedback, then by all means contact hausafilmstv at gmail or use the contact page.

Thank you!


There is sooo much more to do when it comes to putting Hausa/Nigerian/African information and content online. It’s just overwhelming for any one person to do it all. What we need is a passionate community of forward-thinking people with the time, knowledge, desire to share that knowledge, and access to a computer connected to the Internet.

Curating some interesting Hausa videos. Check out the playlists on youtube:


Kalli wanni baamurkan yaron mai iya harsuna kala-kala!


A more sensible way to handle (independent) film distribution and piracy in this day and age:

Greetings. I am Tom Lowe, the person who spent two years of his life living out of a Toyota pickup truck to make this film. If you enjoy it, please consider buying a copy from our website at or at iTunes, or maybe giving it as a gift to a friend, so we can recover the money we invested in the film, and then make some more films for your enjoyment. :)

Abridged Hausa summary: Yadda wani mai yin fim ke ƙoƙarin sayar da fim din shi da kan shi ta hanyar intanet a dandali kala kala duk da matsalolin piracy.


Cinema is an emotional medium, and I believe that tapping into the human soul is one of the most enriching artistic endeavours. I love learning about myself. Every new film teaches me how to lead my life.
Nuri Bilge Ceylan


Cinema is an emotional medium, and I believe that tapping into the human soul is one of the most enriching artistic endeavours. I love learning about myself. Every new film teaches me how to lead my life.

Nuri Bilge Ceylan


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